Soft to the touch

Healthy Hair and Skin

Chemicals can dry the skin and hair because the natural oils in the skin and scalp are more easily shed by the body. This exposure can exacerbate conditions like eczema and psoriasis in sensitive individuals. Chlorine can also enter the body in gaseous form, so we inhale chlorine vapors as we shower, and these vapors are known to irritate bronchial conditions in some people.

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Less Product- More Natural

 Let the natural oils come alive in your hair.  We all know chemicals are harsh, remove unwanted chemicals and add the natural glow from your youth

Time Spent- Time Wasted

 We all spend way too much time in here already.  Why waste another minute cleaning stains and rings around appliances caused by hard water and chemicals?!

Longer Life

Clothes feel like new longer when using a Select Source Group Whole House Water Conditioning System

Best Results, Best Ingredients

 Why add poor quality water to a perfect recipe?  Start and end with the best ingredients possible... it can be as simple as starting with clean water