Installation Procedures:

  • All installations of whole home water filtration systems will be completed without ever entering the home

  • Gloves will be used for all installations

  • Rubbing Alcohol will be used to clean and disinfect all surface areas touched or products installed by Select Source Group

  • When entering a home for drinking water systems we are committed to:

    • Removing shoes prior to entering the home

    • Wearing a lightweight jacket over the top halves of our uniforms

    • Using rubbing alcohol to clean any surface area we have touched or products installed by Select Source Water

Sales Procedures:

  • All sales representatives will maintain a 6' distance from any potential customer

  • All marketing materials will be left with the customer with no direct interaction with the customer in the exchange of such materials

  • All information can be discussed via chat or direct phone call to our offices

  • All promotions offered at the door will be honored even when products are sold over the phone or online

  • If invited into the home, the representative will remove shoes prior to entering the home

  • Sales representatives will wear a lightweight jacket over the top halves of their uniforms

  • Sales Representatives will wipe down their clothing with sanitary cloths prior to entering the home

Your health and the health of our employees are our number one priority

Make every effort to answer customer questions via phone or online chat

Establish a safe work area for the installation of our Water Conditioning/Drinking Water Systems

Sanitization of any surfaces that our installer comes into contact with 

Provide immediate technical assistance via phone or online chat to answer any questions you might have

We take every measure to keep you and your loved ones safe


Phone: 251.597.1647



Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 6pm

​Sunday: 9am - 6pm