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Cleaner, Well Moisturized Skin

 Your skin's health and appearance will likely reflect the quality and quantity of water you drink and bathe in...

Better Tasting Beverages

 Better smelling, better tasting, better water is what we deliver each and everyday to our customers. We take...

It all begins with the basics. Harsh chemicals in water, shampoo, and conditioners to fight the effect of outside...

Healthier Hair, Softer Skin

Chlorine Free Cooking

 Besides adding an unpleasant taste and odor to drinking water, chlorine can be harmful in a number of...

All installs are done professionally by a certified installer. 

Professional Installation


Salt-Free Water Conditioning


Residential Drinking Water Systems 


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“I am 82 years old and have started drinking just three glasses of high alkaline water per day. I was prescribed 3 blood pressure pills per day because of water retention in my legs and feet, which were always swollen. After one week of drinking this Water, I stopped taking the medication and have no swelling in my legs. My energy is increased, I sleep better. I have increased my intake to 4 glasses per day.” 

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— Irene Mitchell